Pay What You Want

In recognition of the economic impact of coronavirus, I am making any learning resources published on this page available on a Pay What You Want basis until further notice.

As a parent of 3 boys, I know how tough things will be for many parents right now. For those now out of work, finances will be tight. For those still working, you will be working harder than ever while keeping the kids engaged with educational activities during lockdown. Creating project materials for your kids to enjoy and learn from and making them available on a voluntary donation basis is my way of helping to ease the burden of all parents, regardless of your situation.

If your kids enjoy this project material and you can afford to do so, all I ask is that you show your support with a donation. The amount that you donate is entirely up to you. Any amount that you can give, however small, is greatly appreciated.

If you cannot afford to donate, then please do not feel obliged to do so. Free is also fine with me. All I ask is that you recommend these projects to others and leave a review. If you use social media, there are some sharing icons above that you can use to make sharing with your followers that little bit easier.

Simulate a Virus

Examine how social distancing affects the spread of a virus across a virtual population