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Data Scientist

A former speech tech research engineer. Mathematically trained, specialising in data science application. Adept at creating engaging data visualisations with a purpose.

Perl / Python Developer

Many years of experience designing, programming and maintaining complex data-centric applications in research and industry.

Technical Writer

Systematic, with an eye for detail. An accomplished author of IT documentation spanning the full development lifecycle.

Creative Technologist

Creative and naturally inquisitive. Skillful at combining multiple products and disciplines in surprising ways to create unusual and engaging internet-enabled things.

STEM Educator

EduTech curriculum writer and workshop facilitator. Teaching kids computational thinking and data literacy through game development, robotics and data analytics.


Do you have an unusual set of requirements? Try me. I sometimes like a challenge.

I’m Laurence Molloy. I’m a freelance creative technologist and Creative Smart Things is my professional website. This is where I showcase my work, personal projects, and STEAM outreach activities.

I’m an accomplished IT professional, science communicator and data scientist with a background in mathematics and AI. I have over 25 years experience spanning academic research, speech & language technology, industrial engineering & IT and educational technology.

Outside of work, I run a local code club, write and deliver tech workshops for kids, participate in STEAM outreach activities, develop and maintain open-source software, create weird and wonderful IoT things and design, build and experiment with robots which have successfully competed in PiWars.

Data, and how we can leverage the patterns within it, is a personal passion of mine. If I’m not knee deep in data through my work you can probably find me using it to solve problems and do cool things in my spare time.

Laurence Molloy

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